Frequently asked questions

We’re a startup that traces it’s origins back to a meme. That’s right, a good ol’ meme that said: “If there was a Netflix for for games, I’d never leave my house”.
Since 2014, the idea grew beyond simply a product. It’s become the experience of playing more, paying less and discovering games you’d never heard of.
It’s our mission to make all gamers happy, and that includes our team!

  • New and exciting games with new releases every month!
  • Save up when checking out new games.
  • Customized feedback and support systems.
  • High quality games assured by our team!
  • Our community is open for anyone, gamer, developer or influencer!

At the moment, the only way to join is to register on our website to enter the waitlist.
The tester selection will happen gradually by groups.

We will gather all our invite requests thanks to the waitlist. All the requests come from our website or indications from people who are already invited.All requests are reviewed to considerate a few criteria and we will announce new testers every 15 days.

You can find out more about the waitlist at the end of this FAQ.

Once registered in our site, the invites will be sent in ‘batches’, considering first the users’ profiles, so it’s not possible to get an ETA on the invitation based on when you registered. If you’re already in the list, you only need to wait and support our endeavor by talking about us to your friends!

If you don’t want to wait at all, you can become a Founder Backer and test everything first hand.

During our closed Beta, our service relies exclusively on user engagement and, aiming to offer the best service, we choose the best suited people for our tests. If you don’t feel like waiting to test and support the project, become a Founder Backer! For more information contact

Our library is 100% open for subscribers. If your subscription is up-to-date, you can download and play every game available.

There’s no limit! You may download the entire library if you want, as long as your sub is up-to-date. The only limit is: How long can you play at a time for?!